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Girls in Film are a collective that represents, champions and connects a new generation of female-identified creatives in the film industry. And they share our belief that any woman, anywhere, can take on anything. Even when faced with knock backs.

Being an independent filmmaker means you get to follow your own path. And the challenges that come with it. But Docs wanted to give a helping hand. So back in February, we launched a fund of £5,000 with Girls In Film to help give filmmakers a leg up they might need – and enabling them to create a film that celebrates the spirit of female independence and resilience.

For a chance to win the fund, applicants submitted their ideas for a film that shows what female strength means to them. Girls in Film received hundreds of incredible applications. But after much deliberation. We’re pleased to announce the winner: Milda Baginskaite of Pili Mili Films, who’s film will be created with the Girls in Film Fund.

Keep an eye out for an exclusive screening of the new film. You can sign up to hear when it lands in December at the bottom of the page.


Docs caught up with Girls In Film founder Nikola Vasakova about unexpected inspiration, uplifting other women and being yourself.

What influences your work? Do you find inspiration in any unexpected places?

As a producer and programmer who is always on the lookout for new talent, I do a lot of my scouting on places like Instagram and Vimeo. I like to follow my favourite short filmmakers and see who their friends are, who’s in their crew and who they like to work with so I can keep tabs on who’s out there.

Of course I watch a lot of films, especially now during a lockdown I get through at least one a day. When I really like something, I do a deep dive about the film on IMDB to find out who was in the crew and how the film was made. It’s all very inspiring. Sometimes inspiration comes in the form of seeing a great work of art, be it a painting or a song, but it can also be reading an article about something strange and unexpected and storing that idea for my work in the future.

What do you want to achieve over the course of your career? Biggest ambitions?

In many ways I have achieved what I set myself out to do years ago. When I started working in film, running on friends' music video sets, I set out to become a producer which I have. The trouble with setting goal posts is that once you reach them you will make yourself another one because you’re hardly ever satisfied with where you are and always want more.

So I take ambitions and achievements with a pinch of salt – it's healthier to focus on the present and whether what you’re doing makes you happy. Running Girls in Film was one of the best things I’ve ever set out to do and I hope I can continue doing it for years to come – it might take different forms as it continually grows and that’s exciting.


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