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To shine the spotlight on independent creatives, we’ve partnered with The Quick + The Brave, an Amsterdam-based platform that celebrates culture within POC, Black and queer communities, to produce a series called Walk With Me. Over four episodes featuring four emerging Amsterdam-based creatives, the series highlights and empowers perspectives on cultural inclusivity, community building and self-care.

The mission of the series is to shine a light on stories of marginalisation within cultural communities and provide a boost for independent platforms working to support them every day.

Check out the episodes below. Episodes directed by Steven Elbers.

Faou Biera, Fashion & Afro Hair Artist and Multidisciplinary Creative

Faou creates hair artistry on another level. She uses her craft to inspire and educate people about African hairstyles and its history, highlighting that “culture is more than the aesthetic.”

Faou wears the Jadon Max boots.

Jessey Voorn, MARRØN

Blending Deep Afro and African rhythms with techno as part of Amsterdam’s underground scene, MARRØN puts music at the centre of his educational creativity and activism.

MARRØN wears the Jadon boots.

Sioejeng Tsao, Illustrator & Educational Activist

Sioejeng uses her art to educate, inform and inspire people about her Asian heritage and uses it as a form of activism against discrimination. "You have to stand in your own power and say this is my spot and I earned a right to be here."

Sioejeng wears the Sinclair boots.

Salim Abousallam, co-founder of Comfy Community

Salim’s mission is to create “a comfy space during uncomfy times.” His platform focuses on self-development, content creation & connecting communities.

Salim wears the 1461.


What was the motivation behind setting up TQTB?

All our content revolves around four pillars: culture, inclusivity, sustainability and self-care. These topics resonate with us on a personal level. Through these, we tell lesser-heard stories from underrepresented groups including BIPOC and the LGBTQ+ community. It’s important to give underrepresented people space to craft their own narratives without minimising their experiences. On the flip side, it’s also important to create a safe space where white cis-hetero normative people can learn about other lived experiences in an intimate, celebratory way.

How has your community responded since your launch, and what do you hope to achieve with TQTB?

Overwhelmingly positive. Truth be told, when we first dropped Journal 001, there was a palpable quiet before the storm vibe that came about. It felt like a lot of people were getting to grips with what they were reading.

We set a high bar when it comes to substance, aesthetic and representation and those are things we refuse to compromise on. We set out to create something beautiful and aspirational that reflects the world we’d like to see.

How can we create a ‘new normal’ which prioritises inclusivity, sustainability and self-care?

‘Normal’ never worked for us. The systems that were in place pre-Covid have been put under a magnifying glass and everything is up for assessment. Ethics before ego… we need to re-think how all our systems work for a future that supports people of all backgrounds. An overall change in mindset with these values at the centre of everything can lead to a normal that’s safer for everyone.

If this video series says one thing to viewers, what do you hope that would be?

We hope that it inspires people who don’t typically get to see themselves reflected to imagine something aspirational for themselves. It takes a seed of an idea to spark something new in someone and imagine new possibilities beyond what society tells them they can be.

Representation matters so to see the BIPOC creatives in this series take up space, bring joy to others, educate, create communities, empower others to do the same… that drives us daily.

Through this project, DM's will not only be supporting The Quick + The Brave, but will also be donating to the Study Group Foundation – the independent think tank behind the publication that researches the impact of culture, inclusivity, sustainability and wellbeing on underrepresented groups in the workplace.

Head back to discover more stories fuelling self-expression across Europe.