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At Dr. Martens we have always championed non-conformity. Always stood with the outsider. Always celebrated difference. Our Worn Different campaign is an opportunity to show all the diverse people that embrace individuality as much as we do.

Selected from the realm of music, design, and art, these are people that make their mark while wearing Docs. Read on to find out more.


Duo Ho99o9 represent the kind of do-you-own-thing difference Dr. Martens is all about. They defy expectations, challenge perceptions and - noisily - go their own way.

This kind of emphatic individuality, coupled with their blistering comment on the state of America today made them a perfect embodiment of Worn Different. Daring, defiant, different.


The OGM wears the 1461 shoe, our original shoe style since 1961.


Yeti Bones wears the 1490 boot. This 10-eye boot is a classic Dr. Martens punk silhouette.




'Every season in my work I try to find something that makes me feel uncomfortable and do something positive to change it.'

Designer Dilara Findikoglu is taking the fashion world by storm and challenging the 'done thing' in the process.

Here, Dilara wears our 1914. With 14 eyelets, this boot is a punk staple and really works with Dilara’s unconventional style.


'I don’t really care if my artwork is viewed as artwork or not.'

An artist, programmer, designer, DJ, VJ and composer, Tokyo-based Daito has an incredibly impressive resume. It can all be summed up by one word 'visionary'.

Daito has opted for the 1460 – our first ever boot. Named after the day it was created, 1st April 1960, there is a purity of form to this now-iconic silhouette.


'I definitely want to be a positive influence. I feel like whether it's through my art or my messages my main goal is to empower and inspire.'

A singer, activist and social-media star, Dounia captivates fans with her zeitgeisty lyrics and melodious voice. She speaks up too, sharing her impassioned views on body positivity and POC issues.

Down-to-earth Dounia offsets her look with the understated 1461. Originally sold as a working man’s shoe, today the 1461 is seen as a symbol of effortless self-expression.


'Everything that is handmade feels more authentic and more real.'

Sign painter Stephen Kenny creates bold, graphic artwork from his London letterpress A Two Pipe Problem. Keen to share his sought-after techniques, he offers regular workshops in his craft.

The Chelsea boot is a very British boot. Our 2976 iteration blends durability with refinement, making it perfectly suited for design-led Stephen.