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Socks or not. Summer or out of season. Our men’s sandals can be as versatile and easy-to-wear as our boots. We asked four guys, Cameron, Arnd, Naro and Rob from different DM’s stores, how they wear their Soloman sandals.




I like to mix different styles together. Here: a mix of a casual and business while keeping it all monochrome. I chose short black shorts so I could add socks to my sandals. I think one of the most important things is to keep your accessories simple. This time, I wore black socks with yellow Dr. Martens lettering to show some more details and add some colour. I also added rings, chains and earrings to bring out the main points of the look — and not to appear ‘boring’ in all black.

“I feel free and comfortable in DM’s footwear.
There is a lot of space for creativity in styling and self-expression.”

For the second look, I chose brighter colours since it’s summer and I like to wear white and beige. It’s simple, like my first outfit, but more casual. I still chose the black socks with the yellow print because I prefer not to wear them barefoot. As you can see in the photos, I added a white tank top to show more of my tattoos and use them as my accessories. I picked beige trousers to keep it bright in the middle and the sandals at the bottom as a highlight in black.



The Soloman sandals possess many traits: the raw dagger edge sole, the simple trio straps partnered with black glossy buckles. It's slick, chic and dangerous, and I feel the style should match that. I toyed with the juxtaposition of a sandal — commonly worn in summer, yet I wouldn't restrict such a style to one season. Hence I wore a knitted striped jumper and straight-legged leather trouser. The attitude in the leather contrasts with a beautiful delicate knit.

“The Soloman isn’t restricted by setting or context.
It holds its own in most outfits you put together.”

When I think of summer, I think of the beach, hence golden sands and a ‘red shepherd delight’. For my second outfit, I partnered a bleach-stricken oversized tee with ridged slightly tapered bottoms in beige. When choosing your outfits, think about how that tee or trouser is going to drop off the shoulder or waist — a rigid fabric gives a beautifully sculptural drape compared to a trouser in a more delicate fabric. I finished this one with a black bucket hat, just to tie in the Soloman’s striking black colourway.



This look is stylish and yet comfortable to wear on the warmest of summer days: black skinny black jeans with a relaxed fit shirt. The fit and quality of the fabrics used in each garment help to elevate the outfit. The jeans were rolled high on the ankle to give them a fresh summery vibe, and my choice of shirt was inspired by my love of plants and nature. Finally, I paired these garments with Dr. Martens Soloman sandals. The sandals' clean, understated look perfectly complemented this stylish and summery look.

“Wearing Docs footwear makes me feel part of a
creative community that’s existed for sixty years.”

Another outfit for a relaxed summer's day: I kept the colour palette simple — matching elements of colour across the sandals, shorts and vest top. Simple, coordinated and stylish. I added a distressed denim shirt and flat cap to give this outfit a classic worn-in and rugged look. Next, the top and shirt were paired with fitted shorts which helped the outfit to look casual and yet polished. And finally, I added my Soloman sandals for a stylish look that is tough enough to be worn whatever the day may bring.



My outfit was inspired by my grandpa: he used to wear sandals with these kinds of clothes. The wide high-waisted pants with a knitted vest from the 80s combined with the black sandals gave me the feeling of being in another decade. As I'm one of those kids who loves to imagine living in earlier times, this look makes me feel comfortable. Sandals are the new sneakers, and the past is the new NOW.

“I never really care about what people think about my outfits or shoes.
I wear sandals with socks or without. With shorts, chinos and jeans.”

In my second look, I've decided to wear my new sandals as clean as they appear. All the pieces here are black, which represents a huge part of my closet. And that’s why I generally prefer Docs in black. The trousers are vintage and pretty long, so they hide some parts of the sandals. The tie-dye shirt is made of silk and is thin — it looks pretty dope in combination with these sandals and makes the whole look complete without losing the focus on my Soloman.


+ Built from tough Hydro leather

+ Welted on a rugged air-cushioned sole

+ Moulded footbed provides comfort

+ 3 adjustable straps for a secure fit