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A smash hit with not just our wearers, but our store staff too. Our white boots have taken off. We catch up with members of the Docs team who tell us how they’ve been rocking their bold white styles.



My personal style is all about colour, pattern and expression. My aim is to make someone say “wow, I love that!” and feel happy when they see me. I think these monochrome striped trousers were made to be worn with the white 1460 boots. What. A. Combo. The power of monochrome really shines through in this outfit and shows that it doesn’t always have to be about colour when you want to make a statement.


There is so much amazing history behind Dr. Martens with so many iconic fashion and music moments, so every time I wear mine it’s like being a part of that and paying homage to it all. I will be wearing mine for life.



I like to wear oversized clothes and mix both high fashion and street fashion. I always work with colors. Making sure that everything is matching is really important to me. I wanted to show how it could work with both bright colors and dark ones. I decided to not use black as it was too contrasting, so I chose a Navy blue. It is cold, but at the same time it is intense.

In terms of pastels, the colours talk for themselves. Olive and beige give gentleness to the outfit with the white long sleeve t-shirt. The mono boots give structure to the pants, and keeping things simple is important.

“Docs are incredible shoes to express yourself
by sharing and creating your own style.”

When I wear my Docs I feel confident, more powerful and comfortable. I am always saying “there are thousands of ways to wear them, but the best way is how YOU want to wear them”.



I would define my style as a mix of chic and street. But the most important thing about my style is that I want to be comfortable at any cost, so often very boyish, but I like to say I switch it up. The white skirt is one of my favourite pieces this summer. I can combine it with every shirt I want to wear. I styled this way to point out my cultural heritage with the “Kente” piece. The Kente is worn by almost every Ghanaian tribe and represents national cultural identity.

“Docs make me switch up my style in a new way”

Docs make me feel simple and kind of mature as I used to be a sneakers lover. I would wear it almost anywhere. Meeting with the homies or family, I could even wear it even to work or going to a bar.



The DM’s I am wearing are the Jadon White Smooth. What I like about these are the platform soles. They give you the extra touch of boldness and because of the contrast between the white shoe and the black sole, everyone notices your shoes right away. It is an eye catcher on it’s own.

In my first outfit I am wearing a basic white tee with my acid wash jeans, which I made myself. The jacket is my favourite part - it gives that 80s high-school vibe. And of course to style things off I am wearing my Dr. Martens 7-inch black satchel bag and some silver jewellery. Outfit number two is a monochromatic look in a bold colour. The outfit is pretty basic, but because I have chosen a bold color it made it much more interesting.

“Docs make you feel like you can take on the world
and you don’t care about other people’s opinions”



I have always been very drawn to fashion, as well as different movements such as punk, new wave or even goth. These movements are the source of all my inspirations. Platforms are my #1. They have a really strong and imposing character. I love creating contrasts with what I wear on a daily basis. I love pairing a suit with a massive pair of Dr. Martens platforms to create an aesthetic that is both classic and raw.

“When I wear my Docs I imagine paying homage to the
moment it all started, from the 1960s until today.”

I stay true to myself and my style while keeping my main inspirations. When I put on my pair of Docs, I feel like myself; everything fits and I'm not just talking about the incredible comfort that supports my miles of walking.



I like that the Sinclairs are two shoes in one. I love the option of being able to remove the zip so that I can lace them up traditionally if desired. They also make me feel unique due to the bright white colour, it’s something different to the wildly popular black Sinclairs.

“Docs make me feel unstoppable! I’m only 5’3 so the added
height of the platform makes me feel like I can wear whatever I want.”

I tend to keep my outfits mostly monochromatic and having a white pair of Docs helps emphasise that facet of my style. For the first outfit I’m wearing white trousers, a white crop top and a taxi print cardigan that my Mum gave to me. She noticed my interest in charity shopping and handed me down clothes she wore when she was my age, this piece is from the 80s.

For the second outfit, I’m wearing yellow trousers and a yellow top with flowers that I emulated on my face with white eyeliner and gems. My favourite colour is yellow, and I decided to bring out the white flower detailing.