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Our ongoing artist series continues with TATE London continues, featuring artword by London's "Painter of Light": Joseph Mallord William Turner. Ever an eccentric and living always by his own rules, he was a true original — and embodies the spirit of Dr. Martens.

JMW Turner

This season, we've created a collection printing two of Turner's greatest works of art — The Decline of the Carthaginian Empire (c. 1817) and Fishermen at Sea (c. 1796) — onto a crackled and textured leather that seems like an aged, painted canvas.

JMW Turner Fishermen 1460 Pascal Boot

JMW Turner Fishermen 1460 Pascal

JMW Turner Carthaginian 1460 Pascal Boot

JMW Turner Carthaginian 1460 Pascal

William Blake

William Blake was a British born-and-bred painter, writer, philosopher, mystic and revolutionary. Ever the creative, freethinking individual, Blake is the perfect embodiment of the Dr. Martens spirit — and that's why we collaborated with Tate Britain to feature two of his most famous, provocative paintings.

William Blake 1460 Pascal Boot

William Blake 1460 Pascal

William Blake 1461 Shoe

William Blake 1461

George and the Dragon

The George and the Dragon collection is the story of England's patron saint. Specifically, his shining moment: when he took out the devilish creature in a ferocious battle against evil.

George and the Dragon 1460 Pascal Boot

George and the Dragon 1460 Pascal

George and the Dragon 1461 Shoe

George and the Dragon 1461

Di Paolo

The Annunciation, by Italian painter Giannicola Di Paolo, features the Archangel Gabriel handing a lily, the symbol of purity, to the Virgin Mary.

Di Paolo 1460 Pascal Boot

Di Paolo 1460 Pascal

Di Paolo 1461 Shoe

Di Paolo 1461

Di Antonio

An Italian renaissance painter, Biagio Di Antonio’s The Triumph of Camillus celebrates the hero’s return to Rome after rescuing the city from the Gauls — complete with floats, fountains and carriages.

Di Antonio 1460 Pascal Boot

Di Antonio 1460 Pascal

Di Antonio 1461 Shoe

Di Antonio 1461


William Hogarth’s A Rake’s Progress is a series of paintings telling the story of a rich heir’s downfall —thanks to the seedy underbelly of 18th century London.

Hogarth 1460 Pascal Boot

Hogarth 1460 Pascal

Hogarth 1461 Shoe

Hogarth 1461


The first in our artist series, this micro-collection is based on The Garden of Earthly Delights by Dutch painter Hieronymus Bosch. The Pascal “Hell” boot features a world of eternal damnation thanks to temptation and evil — while the Pascal “Heaven” shoes highlight light, love and the benefits of eternal life.

Bosch 1460 Pascal Boot

Bosch 1460 Pascal

Bosch 1461 Shoe

Bosch 1461