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Filmmaker Series • E5

Los Angeles artist Tolliver uses his music to reconcile who he is today with his Baptist upbringing and childhood.

Tolliver blends R&B, soul, funk, and hip-hop into an alluring sound that's all him. After getting his musical start in church, Tolliver's music explores the relationship between his identity as a Black bisexual man and his religious upbringing. His new EP, Thin Black Duke grapples with sex, money, hedonism, and self-control—themes that weave in and out of his unfiltered, raw lyrics.Photos by Emma Cole

“Performing live was my whole thing, so my process has changed a lot. What I've done is channel that energy into videos ... and learning to incorporate music into said videos.”

“I’ll never stop no matter what. We could be 3000 leagues under the sea and I’ll still be texting you the flyer to my show at Bikini Bottom.”

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