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Cautious Clay

Filmmaker Series • E6

Music is the most natural form of expression for musician/producer Cautious Clay, who is using his art to navigate the turbulence of 2020.

Singer-songwriter Cautious Clay has been making music his whole life, but took the leap to be a musician full-time in 2018. Immediately, his unique fusion sound of alternative R&B and pop caught the ears of listeners. Since then, he's been featured on Issa Rae's Insecure, gained critical praise for his EP Blood Type, and become a go-to collaborator for many high-profile music makers, such as John Legend and Taylor Swift. Now, Cautious Clay is working on his next project, an album expected in 2021.Photos by Alice Plati

“Writing stories completely outside of the medium of music has been a way to strike up inspiration for the songs I'm currently working on.”

“Covid physically restricted where I could go and what I could do which in hindsight made me focus a lot more on my creative process as a whole.”

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