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Every song from NYC’s Samia shows her talent for capturing the most intimate experiences and sharing them in a way that speaks directly to your heart. At just 22, the singer song-writer has already been through many iterations of her music including losing and gaining band mates. Through unshakable persistence Samia found her sound and her creative community. She and her friends partnered with Dr. Martens Presents for a show that is a celebration and continuation of the work Samia has done.


In 2014, singer-songwriter PJ moved to Los Angeles with a publishing deal that was supposed to launch her music career. When the deal fell apart and the money dried up, PJ had to stay focused and keep working toward her dream despite the humbling experience of going from budding musician to grocery store bagger. Today she is signed to Atlantic Records, is "one to watch" in the R&B scene and has penned songs for Meek Mill and Wiz Khalifa to name a few.


Vincent Martell is the head of VAM Studio, a New York City production company amplifying and uplifting voices, films and art from people of color, queers and femmes. Focusing on narratives that have a social impact, Martell is well aware that he’s created something unapologetically beautiful. His ability to stay tough helps him protect the unique and diverse community he’s created.


Los Angeles native Erik Rojas got his first camcorder at 15 so he could film himself and friends skateboarding. Rojas quickly fell in love with making movies and has since hustled to create a career in film. It takes persistence and resilience to make it, but Rojas doesn’t have to go far to look for inspiration; whether it’s his dad who immigrated from Columbia to find a better life in the U.S. or working with other LA artists who are hustling to make their dreams come true. He will document what it takes to be a creative making it in LA.

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