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Hi, and thank you so much for speaking with us. Could you give us an introduction?

Hello! I’m Sadie Samet (She/They), I’m an artist who was born and raised in Los Angeles, California and I make autobiographical comics about the trials, tribulations, misadventures, and joys of growing up gay! 

How would you describe your artistic style?

I like to describe my style as very nostalgic and whimsical. I like to tell stories about catalyzing moments that change your life for better or for worse and I wrap that up in a neat package that looks cute on the outside, but there’s a lot under the surface. More than anything, I want my art to strike an emotional chord and touch people’s hearts.

Do you have a favorite medium to work with?

I primarily work digitally in Procreate! My favorite traditional mediums to work with are acrylic and ink. 

What inspiration do you find yourself drawing from for your DIY Docs?

The strongest influences in my DIY Docs are nature, retro futurism, the color scheme of the lesbian flag, and above all: growth. A lot of my comics are about my personal experiences growing up gay and having the ability to tell those stories with the hindsight I have as a queer adult. I remember being a queer teenager very clearly, it was really difficult.
I couldn’t help but feel that I was inherently wrong and I was constantly afraid of losing a lot of people in my life, it’s easy to feel like there’s no light at the end of the tunnel when you’re experiencing that and to assume that it might just rain for the rest of your life. As an adult, I’ve come to a place where I can celebrate who I am and live my life like I never knew was possible. I want to help LGBTQ people experience less rain and more sunshine. 

Why is Pride still important in 2021?

Pride is still important in 2021 because it will forever be important to commemorate the people who paved the way before you. Not to mention, it’s important to remember major events like the Stonewall Uprising as a community in order to make sure that history doesn't repeat itself. It’s important to celebrate Pride to remember the past so we can create a better future and continue to fight against injustice, but still recognize how far we’ve come. 

Which resources have you used for personal support, or would you recommend to someone in your community requiring support?

The resources I would personally recommend most for reaching out for support would be The Trevor Project and the Los Angeles LGBT Center. The Trevor Project is a non-profit that focuses on suicide prevention amonst LGBTQ youth. The Trevor Lifeline operates 24/7 through a toll free number and offers a confidential service with trained counselors to provide crisis intervention. The Los Angeles LGBT center offers a wide range of resources for LGBTQ individuals such as general support/discussion groups, addiction recovery services, transitional housing/host homes for LGBTQ youth experiencing homelessness, a program to assist LGBTQ individuals who are experiencing domestic and intimate partner abuse and violence, and so much more. 

Trevor Lifeline: 1-866-488-7386 

The Trevor Project:

Los Angeles LGBT Center: