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Tell us about yourself: what you do, where you’re from, and how long you've been with Dr. Martens.

I'm Frankie! I work as the Product Manager for the Americas region here in Portland, Oregon. I'm originally from the UK and have worked for Docs for 8 years across various sites, including our original Cobbs Lane Factory where I started as an apprentice.

Besides Docs, What are your passions?

Connecting with people in a meaningful way is my ultimate passion, whether it's spending time with those closest to me, connecting with folx through art, music or shared views/experiences, or educating myself on and taking action in social justice movements. I try and spend time connecting with myself too, through things like running, dancing and therapy. These connections have become even more important in 2020 - so much comes down to people!

What was the inspiration behind the designs you created for DIY Docs?

I wish there was something cool or profound behind the design but honestly it's just one I enjoyed doing. I've drawn squid and tentacles on a weirdly large number of boots and shoes over the years - I customized these 1461s earlier on in lockdown and it was nice to just return to something simple and familiar with drawing - like so many of us my energy has just been elsewhere recently so updating an favorite design became a chill project to unwind over. They're definitely a nod to the first pair of Docs I customized nearly a decade ago, I'm a sucker for sentiment.