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We believe the music industry has a long way to go before it's truly open to people from all walks of life. And rather than stand on the sidelines or shout at others to take action, we want to do something about it. We're looking to hear from people who share our passion for a more diverse music industry — and are already carving out opportunities and opening doors for people from under-represented backgrounds.

We will fund*, champion and support communities and individuals who are helping people take their first step and making a difference behind the scenes. If that sounds like you or someone you know, get in touch below.

* up to $10,000 per project


Naked Giants
Lotte Van Eijk
Avie Acosta
Bob Vylan


Which countries does this initiative apply to?

This initiative is open to people in the UK, France, Germany, US and Japan.

What is the application closure date?

23:59 BST 20th May 2021.

Is there an age limit to apply?

We are accepting applications from individuals or groups over the age of 18 who are creating change in the music industry, and supporting under-represented youth.

How will you contact people to announce they have been selected?

Applications close on 20th May and those applicants who have been selected will be contacted directly with further information via the contact details provided.

What roles does this initiative apply to?

We want to help create access to creative opportunities in music for under-represented youth, those making a difference at a grassroots level, including all creative roles working behind the scenes from sound engineers to live music photographers.

What opportunties does my initiative need to showcase?

We're looking for partners creating real change in how diverse the music industry is, and who are creating access to it for those who do not have the opportunities through mentorship, education or networks.

Can you share details of the funding/support you are offering?

We want to listen and learn and provide support that is truly needed, we don't want to assume we know the answers. The various groups we partner with will have the opportunity to tell us what support is required. Our grants will be up to a maximum of $10,000 (ten thousand) per project.

What is your selection criteria?

We have a list of criteria outlined to ensure we are reviewing all applicants fairly, the most important criteria is that it is an existing program that is creating access to creative opportunities in music for under-represented youth. The initiatives will need to support youth groups from the ages of 16-25.

How many stages are there to the selection process?

If your application meets all our criteria, we'll be in touch to find out more about the great work being done. Once we've talked further via digital interview, we'll be able to let applicants know if they has been successful.