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For our final DM Presents shows we focused on rhythm and raw talent. A sense of community was a part of every performance. PawPaw Rod brought friends from his home in Oklahoma, and They Hate Change performed in the middle of the crowd. Over at the Bowery Ballroom, we hit capacity, and fans of NNAMDÏ and Binki showed out and came in their freshest fits.


Bowery Ballroom

NNAMDÏ belts out a song with his eyes closed, his right hand loosely holding the microphone to his mouth. His image is repeated three times in black and white, arranged in a triangular shape.

If the show starts at 7pm, what time are you lining up? NNAMDÏ and Binki fans gave it 5 hours just to be safe. Once doors opened, the legendary Bowery Ballroom filled up immediately. DJ Talia Goddess got the crowd going before NNAMDÏ got on stage and captivated the room with a unique blend of indie rock, jazz, and hip-hop. Being his first ever with a live band, it was a special night for Binki and fans alike. He kept moving to his infectious electronic pop.

A collage begins with Binki wearing a striped button-up shirt, tie, beanie, and sunglasses on stage. His arms are open wide and he looks to his right, his image illuminated by the warm yellow and red glow of stage lights. The words "it’s cathartic to be on stage" are overlayed in red across his shoulders, and a square red box with the word "screaming" is positioned on his chest. Beneath is a triptych of Binki from behind, burning money on stage with the audience below laughing. Further down, a black and white image on the left of NNAMDÏ on stage singing into the microphone with his right arm lifted is overlayed by a red-hued shot of guitar equipment on the floor. An image of two people in the crowd, one of them laughing and the other looking up in awe, overlaps these two images centered at the bottom.

“I think people should get as freaky as they can possibly get.”—NNAMDÏ

They Hate Change, PawPaw Rod

Herald Square store

PawPaw Rod leans forward at the waist, right leg in front of left as if walking, right arm bent. He wears a jacket, trousers, and loafers with argyle socks. The image is in black and white and his figure has been duplicated so there are two PawPaw Rods overlapped on the left side and two overlapped on the right, with each duplicate lighter in contrast as if scanned, and in an Andy Warhol pop art style.

At our Herald Square store, a familiar face opened the show—singer-songwriter and producer, KeiyaA from last year's installment of Celebrating Black Voices. They Hate Change took the spotlight after with their "Gulf Coast sound." The duo, leapt into the crowd and performed alongside them. The hype continued as PawPaw Rod took the stage with a mix of soul and hip-hop.

A collage shows They Hate Change on the left in black and white, with both Vonne Parks and Dre Gainey wearing black button-up shirts and white trousers, staring into the camera. A smaller duplicate of the image is arranged on the bottom right side with a mirror image of it on top, flipped upside down, cropped at the waist and in lighter contrast. To the right and underneath these images is the stage lit up in red lights, with the Dr. Martens AirWair logo on a screen behind the drumset, and DJ Talia Goddess spinning turntables. Below on the left, Vonne Parks sings into the microphone held in his right hand, while his left hand covers the left side of his face. He is wearing a t-shirt and a watch on his left wrist. To the right, a square box with a four-image layout shows various audience members: top left, two people in black and white shout and sing happily; top right, people hold their phones up in the red glow of the stage lights; bottom right, a person leans their head back, eyes closed; bottom left, a person in a bucket hat with curls stares with a thoughtful expression, their face illuminated by red light.

“Music might be, sometimes the only thing you have to lean on.”— They Hate Change

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