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Andre Fortes is a multi-disciplinary artist from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, currently living and working in Portland, Oregon. He explores how bizarre it is to be traversing the human experience through his unique brand of philosophical musings and humor—primarily in the form of drawings, paintings, and tattoos. 

What was the inspiration behind the designs you created for DIY Docs?

My inspiration behind my designs are my tattoo flash, which are based on a ton of different things such as American traditional tattoo flash, 1960’s advertisements, memes, random google image searches, comics, esoteric symbolism, and so much more. I aggregate these images and filter them through my shaky hand, often adding single lines of text for added commentary.

Tell us about your first pair of Docs.

I bought my first pair of Docs when I was 15 or so. They were from a vintage store called The Red Light and they were pretty much your prototypical pair of 8 eyed brown Docs. I got them because I wanted to look like all my Hardcore Punk heroes from the 80’s. I wore them until the leather ripped on the sides, which only made them cooler cause I used duct tape to fix them after that.