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Nova Twins



Nova Twins are a rock duo rebelling against the norm. At full volume. As well as releasing their debut album in 2020, they’ve been at work on a bigger mission. To shine a light on diversity in the Alternative scene. And to provide recognition to those who deserve it, both on stage and behind the scenes.

To do this, they’ve created Voices For The Unheard, a playlist highlighting the music, art and performances of the most exciting POC talents in the Rock and Alternative scene.

We want to help amplify the voices in this scene by collaborating on a limited-edition vinyl curated by Nova Twins, featuring a collection of the best POC bands and artists and raising recognition for the talent in their scene. All proceeds will go to social enterprise The Black Curriculum. Alongside this, Nova Twins will be hosting a chat show on Instagram Live on 04.02.21 with special guests joining them to talk about their music, their inspirations and what it is to be a POC in alternative music.
Nova Twins
Nova Twins


DM’s chats to Georgia and Amy about their inspirations, their look and their mission.

 Tell us about the inspiration behind 'Voices for the Unheard'.

Amy: It’s about recognising and supporting POC artists in Rock and Alt spaces. Giving them a platform to be heard. We are trying to help diversify a scene that has forgotten its origins. Even to this day, we’re still stereotyped into being Hip Hop or RnB, just because of how we look. It seems to confuse some people that black women can do Rock. We are here to change that perception.

What drives you? What’s your biggest motivation?

Georgia: We love inspiring young people of colour to be themselves, unapologetically. We didn’t see many people playing Heavy Music who looked like us growing up. We’re motivated to be that person for others, so they feel like they can be anything they want to be. Dress how they want, play any type of music they want, do any job they want, even if they’re the first person who looks like them to do it. We want to show them that the world is theirs and limitless.

What advice would you give to young people trying to break into music?

Amy: Trust your intuition and get rid of any self-doubt. There’s no need to rush. Take time to understand what type of artist you want to be. Persevere, something will come through for you, one way or another.  

Georgia: Never compromise on who you are. Play as many shows you can to get practise. Always perform your hardest, even if it’s to five people, those five people still deserve a great show. You never know who’s in the room, they could be your ticket to 5000 people.

How would you describe your style? What inspires it?

Amy: We are definitely DIY with our fashion. We are forever sewing and pinning different fabrics and random household items onto our clothing. It all started with safety pins and then it kind of escalated into making our stage outfits and set designs for our music videos.

What style of DMs are you wearing at the moment?

Amy: Jadon Max platform boots.

Georgia: The platform version of the Church Boot 'monkey boots'.

Find out more about the Voices For The Unheard limited-edition vinyl, supporting POC musicians from the Rock and Alt scene, or go back to discover more unique projects.