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I have a discount code, how do I use it?

It’s very simple! Once you have added the item/s in your basket, go to CHECKOUT and enter the valid code into the box “DO YOU HAVE A DISCOUNT CODE?” click “OK”.

Please note:

Your total will be updated to show the discount applied.

  • Only one code can be used with each order
  • You cannot apply a discount code after the order has been placed.
  • Terms and conditions can change for each code so please check this when you receive a new code.
Can I use my discount code in-store?

We run different promotions online and in our Dr Martens stores, please check the terms and conditions of the offer.


Official Dr. Martens promotion codes entitle you to an offer on your online order from www.drmartens.com/UK. To utilise your promotion code, enter the specific code at checkout where it asks “Do you have a discount code?” Please note, promotion codes can only be used once per transaction and cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion or offer.

Promotion codes are territory specific. There is no cash alternative. Promotion codes and related offers are not open to employees of Dr. Martens and we reserve the right to withdraw them and refuse or restrict any order at any time.

Promotion codes are territory specific and may only be redeemed against payments made in the correct currency for the country in which they are valid. For example, promotion codes valid in the UK may only be redeemed against payments made on the Dr. Martens UK site in pounds sterling. Please check the terms of each promotion code for details of the territory in which it may be redeemed.

Please note the 20% off discount offer from 21st September 2020 to 11th October 2020 (inclusive) is not redeemable on the following products:
Vegan 101 Cherry Red Oxford Rub Off, Vegan 1490 Cherry Red Oxford Rub Off, Vegan 2976 Cherry Red Oxford Rub Off, Vegan 101 Black Felix Rub Off, Vegan 1490 Black Felix Rub Off, Vegan 2976 Black Felix Rub Off, Vintage 3989 Black Quillon, Vintage 3989 Oxblood Quillon, 1461 Ghillie Black Vintage Smooth, Vintage 1460 Black Quillon, Vintage 1460 Oxblood Quillon, 1914 Black Smooth, Vegan 3989 Cherry Red Oxford Rub Off, Vegan 3989 Black Felix Rub Off, Vintage 1461 Black Quillon, Vintage 1461 Oxblood Quillon, 8065 Mary Jane Black Smooth, Adrian YS Black Smooth, Vegan 1460 Cherry Red Oxford Rub Off, 1461 Pw Black Smooth, 3989 YS Black Smooth, 2976 YS Black Smooth, 1460 Green Smooth, 1460 Navy Smooth, 1460 White Smooth, 1460 Black Smooth, 1460 Cherry Red Smooth, 101 Black Smooth, 101 Cherry Red Smooth, Vegan 1460 Black Felix Rub Off, 1490 Black Smooth, 1490 Cherry Red Smooth, 2976 Black Smooth, 2976 Cherry Red Smooth, Church Black Vintage Smooth, Church Oxblood Vintage Smooth, Adrian Cherry Red Arcadia, Vegan 1461 Black Felix Rub Off, Vegan 1461 Cherry Red Oxford Rub Off, Adrian Black Polished Smooth, 1461 PW Navy Smooth, 1461 Pw Black Smooth, 3989 Black Smooth, 3989 Cherry Red Smooth, Polley Black Smooth, 1461 Cherry Red Smooth, 1461 Black Smooth, 101 Black Smooth, Jadon Black Polished Smooth, 1460 Pascal Black Virginia, Sinclair Black Aunt Sally, 1460 Y Black Softy T, 1461 Y Black Softy T, 2976 YS Black Softy T, 1460 Y Cherry Red Softy T, 1460 Y Black Patent, 1460 Black Mono Smooth, 1460 White Mono Smooth, Jadon White Smooth, Jadon Cherry Red Arcadia, Vegan Jadon II Mono Black, 1460 Black Snowplow Wp, 1460 Cocoa Snowplow Wp, 2976 Black Snowplow Wp, 2976 Cocoa Snowplow Wp, 8053 Black Snowplow Wp, 8053 Cocoa Snowplow Wp, 1914 Kolbert Tall Black Snowplow Wp, 1914 Kolbert Tall Dark Brown Snowplow Wp, 1460 Kolbert Black Snowplow Wp & Black Waxy Suede Wp, 1460 Kolbert Dark Brown Snowplow Wp & Dark Brown Waxy Suede Wp, 2976 Alyson w/zips Black Snowplow Wp & Black Waxy Suede Wp, 2976 Alyson w/zips Dark Brown Snowplow Wp & Dark Brown Waxy Suede Wp, 1460 Pascal MONO Black Virginia, 1460 Serena Black Wyoming, 1460 Serena Butterscotch Orleans, 1460 Serena Dms Olive Wyoming, 2976 Leonore Black Wyoming, 2976 Leonore Butterscotch Orleans, 2976 Leonore Dms Olive Wyoming, 2976 Quad Black Polished Smooth, 2976 Quad White Smooth, Jadon Hi Black Polished Smooth, Jadon Hi Stud Black Smooth, 1461 Quad Black Polished Smooth, Jadon Max Black Buttero, Jadon Max Stud Black Buttero, 1460 SPIKE Black Smooth, Vintage 2976 Black Quillon, Vintage 2976 Oxblood Quillon, 2976 Mono Black Smooth, 1460 WS Black Smooth, 1461 WS Black Smooth, Vintage 101 Black Quillon, Vintage 101 Oxblood Quillon, 1460 Pascal Black Vintage Smooth, 1460 DS Black/Yellow Smooth Slice, 1461 DS Black/Yellow Smooth Slice, 2976 YS White Smooth, 101 YS Black Smooth, 2976 WS Black Smooth, Sinclair Hi Max Black Pisa, Jadon Max Oxblood Atlas, Jadon Max Rebel Black Buttero, Sinclair White Aunt Sally, 2976 Quad FL Black Pisa & Natural Em Toby 900G, Jadon FL Jadon FL Black Pisa & Natural Em Toby 900G.


What are my payment options?

We accept most major credit cards such as Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, and Delta. We can also accept PayPal payments.

Why would my card be declined if there were sufficient funds in my account?

In order to protect our customers from fraudulent transactions, we use a high security payment method.

There are a few reasons why your card may have been declined, some of those reasons are:

If you are still unsure as to why a payment cannot go through, please do not attempt to re submit your payment, as it will send multiple authorisation requests to your bank and place a hold on your funds. For further details, please contact our Customer Service Team and we will be happy to help.

  • Invalid Billing address - If the billing address entered differs from the address that your Bank has on record, this can cause the transaction to be declined. This includes, house number, postcode, street name. Please contact your your credit card company to check the address they have on file for AVS (Address Verifitcation System) purposes.
  • Invalid card number - Please check that your card number is correct, this should be entered with no spaces.
  • Invalid security code - This is the last 3 digits on the back of your card, please make sure that this is correct.
  • Invalid Issuing country – We are not able to take payments from countries that we do not ship to. Please make sure that you are using the correct card.
My PayPal Payment is showing as pending, does this mean I have been charged?

Don't worry, if you have pending payments in PayPal; no funds have been transferred to us and no payments are being held in your PayPal account. If the payments are showing the status "pending" then it is likely that the order has been rejected.

Please get in touch contact@drmartens.com and confirm the email address that your PayPal account is registered to, what country you are emailing from and also the PayPal Transaction ID. We can then raise this issue with PayPal to see if they can void the pending payment.

Are credit card transactions on www.drmartens.com/uk safe?

Absolutely! In fact, it's statistically safer to use your credit card over the internet than in a restaurant or department store. Dr Martens UK online store servers use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), this encrypts and protects the data you send to us over the internet.

My order was declined. Will I be charged for this order?

No. When you enter your card details to pay for your order, your bank will automatically deduct the money from your account. This could cause pending charges to show in your account, even though the order has been declined. These funds will be automatically returned back to your account, usually within 3 to 5 working days, but the exact timeframe does depend on your card issuer and Bank. This may take longer, depending on your banks policy.

Does Dr. Martens UK online store charge VAT?

All prices are displayed on the Website in pounds sterling and are inclusive of VAT at the applicable rate. However we do not charge VAT on selected work products.

How do I change the currency?

All orders placed on drmartens.com/UK are currently charged in sterling (GBP). For European customers; the amount may vary in euros due to exchange rates.

Can I pay for the order upon delivery?

No. We do not offer this as a payment method.