Comfortably the toughest work boot since 1960

Engineered using premium materials, the Dr. Martens industrial collection delivers premium grade, iconic footwear for workers around the world who demand the ultimate protection. The Dr. Martens unique air-cushioned sole, combined with durable leather protection push the boundaries of lightweight, flexible comfort without sacrificing durability or work site safety.



DM'S Lite

Part of Dr. Martens Industrial DM'S Lite range and is the first of its kind.

SoftWair Insole

Antimicrobial treated and a removable smart-foam molded footbed enhance the comfort to keep your feet dry and comfortable.

EVA Midsole

The revolutionary, non-metallic upper and EVA midsole are bonded to individual rubber compound sole units to provide the reliability and comfort you would expect, without sacrificing any protection.

Rubber Compound Outsole

Durable rubber compound materials incorporated in a tread especially designed to provide maximum grip and water dissipation properties.

Dr. Martens DNA

Proud of our brand heritage and iconic styling, yet bold enough to challenge the norm with cutting-edge design, materials and construction.

TPU Molded Frame Upper

Unique 3-part TPU molded frame upper, bonded to a breathable, high abrasion resistant nylon mesh that provide exceptional levels of comfort.

Composite Toe-Cap

The composite material safety toe-cap ensures the same high level protection as steel, without the weight, metal content or cold transference issues.

Breathable Linings

Breathable and moisture wicking linings regulate internal temperature. Memory-foam footbed offers supreme foot comfort.



Boots and shoes engineered for the modern workplace to provide all day comfort and protection—the ideal footwear for working long hours in factories and other industries.

The Dr. Martens classic air-cushioned sole is resistant to oil, fat, petrol and alkali


Focuses on heavy duty protection—provides uncompromising security in the most demanding work environments.

Our safety rated footwear can provide impact resistance with the steel toe and safety toe caps, compression resistance, metatarsal impact protection, electric hazard protection and static dissipative properties to reduce electrical resistance.


Work comes in many shapes and sizes and not everyone needs a steel toe cap. Comfort all day and every day.

Our specialized boots and shoes for the service industries focus on exceptional slip-resistance without compromising on comfort or durability. Wearing footwear with slip-resistant soles reduces the risk of slips and falls on hazard surfaces.

Safety Toe-Cap

Toe cap offers protection from a minimum 200J impact and 15kN compression force.


Puncture-Resistant Sole

Protects against the threat of underfoot hazards with puncture-resistant midsole plate. Penetration force > 1100N.



Discharges static build-up through the shoe to the floor and therefore reduces accumulation of excessive static build-up. Anti-static electrical resistant between 0.1 and 1000M.


Slip-Resistant Sole

Reduces the risk of slips and falls on hazardous surfaces.


S3 Specification

200 Joule toecap protection. Closed seat region, anti-static properties. Energy absorption of seat region. Water penetration resistance, plus penetration resistance, cleated outsole.


Electrical Hazard

Will help the wearer against accidental contact with electrical charge by offering additional insulation from the ground.



Insulation against the cold down to -17° C and protects the wearer for a period of 30 minutes.



Outsole offers heat resistance up to 572° F for 60 seconds.



Utilizes a fully waterproof membrane bootie construction for full waterproofing.



Offers enhanced weather protection and resistance from the water absorption by the use of water-resistant upper materials.



Non-metallic construction that is electronically non-conductive.


D30® Metatarsal Guard

Internal metatarsal guard with D30® technology provides flexible metatarsal protection.



Calamus Safety Toe


Vane Hi Safety Toe


Vane Safety Toe


Icon 7B10 Steel Toe


Fusion Steel Toe


2295 Steel Toe Ex-Wide


Ironbridge Steel Toe