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Part of the REVIVE Collection

  • 7 Eyelet Shoe
  • Black natural aniline dyed leather upper with a dark waxy finish
  • Sole is stitched and cemented to the base of the upper and to the insole
  • Sole offers good abrasion and slip resistance

Made In: Viet Nam


A natural aniline dyed leather with a dark waxy finish. The leather is dry-drummed to create a distressed look, enhanced further by the two-tone effect of dyes and dark waxes.


The original Dr. Martens air-cushioned sole, providing underfoot comfort and durability since 1960. It is oil- and fat-resistant, tough and offers good abrasion and slip resistance.

Care Instructions

[Overdrive] = Wipe away Dirt with damp cloth, ensure shoes are dry then apply proprietary Silicone or waxed product designed for waxy oily leathers - such as Dr Martens Wonder Balsam.

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    • Classic Insole
      Classic Insole
    • Wonder Balsam
      Wonder Balsam
    • USB Boot 8GB
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