Since the first pair of Dr. Martens shoes, or 1460 boots to be exact, rolled off the production line on 1st April 1960, we've been making tough, durable and distinctive footwear for individuals from all walks of life. Today we still design and manufacture our exclusive Made in England range in our original Cobbs Lane Factory in Northamptonshire.

The small factory employs a skilled and dedicated staff - some have worked for Dr. Martens for over 40 years, and some have mothers or fathers who've worked in the factory. Engineered with our patented AirWair technology and durable Goodyear Welts, in Doc’s you're literally walking on air.

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In 1960, the Griggs family who founded our company acquired the exclusive licence to produce a revolutionary air-cushioned sole invented by two German doctors. Bill Griggs immediately bought the specialist machinery for making these unique soles. The only problem was, on returning to Northampton he discovered the new equipment was too tall to fit into the factory. Raising the roof would be lengthy and expensive, so in true Dr. Martens style Bill thought outside the box – he dug a huge hole in the factory floor and fitted the machines in that way.







Our Cobbs Lane factory is where the magic happens.
Try our virtual reality experience for a tour around the machinery and to see just how Doc’s are made.




How we create our iconic Made in England collection in 5 steps

CLICKING The finest sections of leather are cut to create the shoe's uppers. For the standard required for a 'Made in England' product, the Clicker needs experience, a steady hand and, above all, an eye for detail.
CLOSING The upper panels are sewn together with a tough "Puritan" stitch, three lines of stitches using very heavy weight cord thread for durability.
WELTING The PVC Goodyear welt is skillfully stitched by a machinist on to the upper, using our instantly recognisable yellow thread.
FUSION Using a blade heated to 700 degrees centigrade, a highly skilled machinist seamlessly fuses the upper and sole of the boot together.
FINISHING The finished boot gets a hand-polish and lace-up, before being boxed and shipped to stores.

Vintage 1460


Over the years the 1460 has become iconic and is synonymous with punk, ska and grunge music, as well as being adopted as a symbol of rebellious self-expression by individuals from all walks of life. Named after the date of its creation, 1st April, 1960 - own a piece of countercultural history.

This boot is Made in England, in our Cobbs Lane factory and features our signature leather upper - treated so it looks even better with age, classic 8-eye fastening and Dr. Martens branded heel-loop; finished with a yellow welt stitch and oil and fat resistant air-cushioned sole.