Dr. Martens have partnered with renowned British photographer Gavin Watson to present a second capsule collection of limited edition printed t-shirts for the Spring Summer 2014 season. For this season’s collaboration, Gavin has photographed the t-shirts on close family and friends, and explains why these people are so important to him and what they stand for together.


Barry wears the Brockwell Park Punk design, and has known Gavin since they were teenage skinheads hanging around High Wycombe. Gavin explains: “Barry is a highly intelligent character and I’ve always loved his company. Because we’re from the same neck of the woods, the same council estate, I find he is one of the only people who understands me. He was the only black skinhead in the gang, and got into it because his dad and his uncles were into the music, and it was part of his heritage. Barry and I stand for rising above our circumstances.”

Kayleigh, Gavin’s daughter wears the Chingford Girls design. Gavin talks about being a Dad. “It was very very traumatic when she was born. I didn’t see her for the first few months because I went off to America, to try and find myself. Just getting in situations where I’d go, ‘what the hell!?’ Its only in the last two or three years that I’m starting to see me in her. I’m starting to see that part of me in there, but certainly not looks. We stand for the future as a family.”

Ash and Gavin have worked together for over four years. Ash wears the Stop The City design. “Ash had just started out on his modelling career, my second ever fashion shoot for Artrocker and I just met this kid that had basically stepped straight out of my punk/skinhead days, even though he was only 17 and I was 43 at the time. He’s got that Sid-Vicious-crazy-punk-energy. The fascinating fact is he’s a game changer, he’s changed the face of modelling. Together we stand for a bit of anarchy.”

Ed was the first to invest in Gavin’s prints and they have known each other for many years.
Ed wears the South Sea Pier design.
Gavin explains: “Ed represents my new life, where I’ve got to now: from introducing me to Plan B to being the first guy to buy my artwork, over the years we have just became closer and closer. Ed is very fearless. Very still in a way. Focused, calm, when he speaks you listen. Things started to pick up for both of us around about the same time. He went from being a musician to being an actor and it looks like he’s going to be a star. Together, we stand for breaking through.”

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4 Products found

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